Brandon Nield

An interdisciplinary designer with eclectic interests and experience. Embrace chance. Celebrate coincidence. Work fortuitously. Welcome the everyday. Ordinary objects for everyday people. Keep it simple stupid. Approachable and understated. But everyone says stuff like that.

Plaster Vessel

A recipe that can be freely downloaded online and instructs users on how to craft their own vessel at home. There are a balloon and a condom variant. It is a tool, not a product. The process of pneumatic casting involves swirling a plaster and water mixture around an inflated latex form. Designed in reaction to the lock-down situation, the manual instils a feeling of control in a helpless time. It creates a little organic renewal to familiar mundane surroundings. The ethereal nature leads to the destruction of the product; the form dictates the function.


Consumers dispose of around 8 million tonnes of food each year, while only 2% of household waste is separated food waste. IRIS (Intelligent Reduction In Smell) is a contemporary food waste bin that directly tackles this issue. The hyperbolic mechanism keeps waste airtight to prolong the decomposition process and reduce smell. Designed in response to the rise of renters, those in shared living who lack counter-top space. The system hangs over the face of kitchen storage doors as a temporary fixture to declutter workspace.

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