Caitlin Houlbrook

I am a hard-working passionate individual. In my final year, I focused on products that promote well-being and sustainability, as these areas of design are important to me.

Some sketches from my minor project published on my design Instagram gained interest and were pursued for further development in industry. This led me to be hired as a freelance designer, specialising in biophilic design.

I gained vital experience on my placement year at Benchmark Designs Ltd, designing the interiors of restaurants and bars. This sparked my passion for interior design and is where I wish to further my career.

+44 7398 242485


The SUN-LIGHT HOME & OFFICE are designed to improve mental health and work-life balance for young professionals. The partner products focus on innovation of the SAD lamp. The home version imitates sunrise in order to wake up the user more naturally and makes them start their day in a better mood, preparing them for their commute. The office version is an SAD lamp and plant pot combined, incorporating biophilia in the workplace. This will increase productivity and boost employee morale.


THE PLASTICS POP-UP is an educational workshop, designed to bridge the knowledge gap of what happens to our household waste plastic when it goes to recycling. The workshop is aimed at KS2 children and is a hands-on experience that they won’t forget, creating an environmentally conscious generation. Children will shred, heat and mould household plastic waste into new products that they can keep. The project focuses on creating a set of stationary that they can use in the school environment, appealing to what parents asked for, a functional product.

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