Chia Yu Lin

I'm Chia Yu Lin, come from Taiwan, a product design student study at Nottingham Trent university, I used to work in packaging design studio and printing factory.
I'm interested in packaging and toy design, and find inspiration from different cultures to design.



Due to the science and technology development and the rise of environmental awareness, more and more people choose to take public transportation. It brings convenience and also creates some problems. Waiting time are always been a problem for many commuters. Many people get bored while waiting, Therefore, it is important to solve this problem to improve the passenger experience.

KENYU is a fingertip toy designed for commuters to pass their time while waiting for transportations. The inspiration comes form a traditional Japanese toy ‘KANDAMA’. And it can also be used for storage change, tickets or cards in the middle. there is a small hole at the bottom to help users remove items. Also, the cutout on the ring allows people with different finger sizes can use it.

Stuck the building blocks into the cross groove at random, then try to throw the ball and catch it with the blocks. The users can adjust the placement of the blocks or choose blocks of different shapes will affect the difficulty of the game. Specially choose resin as the main material to reduce wear and weight.

The designer say: I design this toy for commuters who easily get bored on their way. The result of my research shows that those people rarely use mobile phone at stations because they have no signal or just want to relax their eyes. Therefore, I design a small physical toy that is convenient and multifunctional.


Takeaway food brings a lot of convenience to people's lives, but at the same time it also caused many problems, among them, the recycling and waste of packaging is the most serious problem, therefore people are paying more and more attention on Environmental problems caused by wasteful packaging.

The Eco-Share concept was let people to share pizza conveniently, and can pick up and enjoy pizza anytime, anywhere, without worrying about hands no clean, after used it can easily to clean, then can be secondary use, don't have to discard, It is an environmentally friendly products. This design is include of a lid and a sleeve handle and 6 or 8 triangle parts. Each small triangle can be connected with small corners on the sides of the box, make consumers can easily separate the box and share the pizza, and Use finger to press the paper at the top of the box to hold the pizza, fingers will not touch pizza.

Use the stone paper as material, The characteristics of stone paper is waterproof and oil-proof, so after the pizza is loaded, the oil and food residue can be easily washed off and then used in other places.

The design say "according to my personal experience ,because Pizza needs to held by hand, many people will worry about their hands no clean when they want to eat pizza.
therefore I designed the ECO-Share, which let users can enjoy pizza without hand touching it, people can more convenient share and eat pizza, any where and any time.”

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