Connor Strudwick

Innovation within product design is my passion, with function, logic and user experience at the core. I am motivated by understanding the future relationship between user and products and how this will continue to evolve in our everchanging world and environment. I have gained valuable experience working for Object Studio, where I covered all aspects of design from initial and thorough research, through to in-depth workshop experience and final product manufacture.

I am enthusiastic to continue my journey, further develop professionally and shape a career building on the skills I have learnt during my 4 years at NTU.

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This project originated through my passion of bouldering. After suffering fatigue in my forearms, I began to research bouldering injuries and remedies. It became apparent that climbing causes repetitive strain on your flexors and extensors, which can cause long term damage if prehabilitation and rehabilitation techniques are not applied. Following extensive user research I ascertained that 77% of climbers do not use any muscle recovery aid. In addition, it appeared that current muscle rehabilitation tools available on the market were not largely successful due to their plastic and insubstantial nature.

TUSK is a rehabilitation tool with quality materials and medical innovation at its forefront. The pointed end of the pocket-sized design allows the user to perform deep transverse friction massage (DTFM) on the inside of the elbow, realigning the fibres and promoting efficient muscular recovery. Whilst the large ball bearing is designed to promote blood flow and healing of the torn tissue fibres.

The TUSK Massage Roller can be used on other areas of the body including neck, upper back and calves, meaning its use is not limited to climbers and their associated injuries.


In the near future, residents will be living in smaller spaces and in areas of higher pollution. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic increasing people’s fears of airborne viruses and impurities, the home air purification market is set to take off exponentially. Pure is an affordable product response to this issue by addressing these factors and combining an air purifier within a standard home appliance.

Using a process that involves a true HEPA/Active Carbon filter and an ion generator, the product is equipped to efficiently remove harmful impurities such as pollen, dust and VOC’s.

Moreover, the current air purification market is plagued with bulky, monochrome plastic-styled units which appear hostile in home interiors. Based on the combination of two upcoming home-style trends, Abstract Energy and Structured Simplicity, Pure has a sleek, modern, rounded appearance and six-option colour palette. This carefully considered design enhances the product’s versatility making it suitable for any position in the home or office. With touch technology, the user can control two levels of lamp brightness and influence the atmosphere within the room. This in combination with an easy to replace filter and common bulb, makes Pure both multi-functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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