Conor Clinch

Hi, I’m Conor. I’m a product designer focusing on concept-driven, honest design with a diverse set of interests from UX to Graphics to Product. For my placement year, I went to Augsburg, Germany as a participant in the Erasmus+ program where I developed my skills as an international designer working in multidisciplinary teams to create fully-realised design projects.


KOMPAS is a ‘smart-compass’ navigational tool that guides ‘city break’ tourists on their own personalized authentic travel experience, allowing them to witness their
travel destination as if they were a local themselves.

It allows tourists to visit uncommon locations based on their preferences so that they can witness the ‘real’ side of a city and support local economy and businesses at the same time.


Empathy&Me is a three-dimensional playset accompanied with an interactive game that teachers use in classroom spaces for the purposes of Mental Health Education.

The product aims to apply a diverse range of learning styles (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) into one lesson so that all pupils can feel engaged and contribute to an inclusive learning environment.

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