Dana Salmanzadeh

My ability to be conceptual, contemporary and forward-thinking demonstrates my multi-faceted design abilities throughout my career. Researching a wide context of topics with a strategic, focused approach, my insights correlate to relevant social issues with conscious towards trend drivers. Representative of my artistic background, my designs curate both craft and narrative driven experiences beyond the product functionality - framing a greater social impact in its output.

My experience at Matter - a forward-thinking product innovation consultancy - and thrive off strategic team-driven environments. As a disciplined individual, my eagerness to learn skills outside of my comfort zone further develops my capabilities as a young designer.

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Objects That Talk

Urbanisation will cause our cities to grow like never before, with people in search for a better life. ‘Objects That Talk’ is a set of 6 visual tools, designed to better emotional communication within the shared living home. With each object assigned to a 21st century emotion, the objects facilitate the verbal expression that can sometimes be hard to provoke, especially in large or diverse social groups.

Tools for therapy, the object forms and material choices are inspired by the emotions they reflect, making the visual impact clear to the user. The usability of the objects is portrayed in 3 different environments, in relevance to the social behaviours most commonly encountered within shared living spaces. The ‘do it yourself approach’ considers private spaces and personal therapy, whilst the ‘play the ghost’ facilitates emotional communication, through isolating the object and using a name tag. Lastly, the products ‘join the group’ approach encourages group discussions to curate within a safe place.

The product is encouraged to be adopted by well-funded small to medium co-living spaces, where collective mental well-being can be better handled. Today’s culture moves forward in battling social taboo’s - Objects That Talk is thus designed for today and the future.

A Fermentation Collection

Whilst the awareness of fermentation health benefits increase, the demand for fermented foods grow and the product market relies on product opportunity. A Fermentation Collection is a set of 5 tools – vessel, side bowl, tray, tongs and a weight - catering for the practice of fermentation within the home.

Inspired by the old preservation practice, the aim was to align the practice to today’s consumer demands. The minimalistic tools are ornamental pieces of the contemporary home, adaptive to various fermentation practices - providing longevity in its style and durable material choices through years to come.

The tools narrate an enhanced experience upon how they act and nestle into each other. Displaying empathy towards both function and detail, the linear protrusion features demonstrate the resting of the tongs upon the side of the tray - keeping it elevated to avoid any residual mess. A convenient practice is portrayed through sustainable single-use sachets, to guide the user through the provided Kimchi manual. Additionally, tracking the ferment is made possible through slotting a tag into the side of the tray, and filling in each day that passes within the 7-day period. This analogue method of ‘visual logging’ can be kept and referred back to for future experiments.

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