Dominic Plevnalis

I am a creative individual, who thrives on the challenge of designing elegant and innovative products. I gain the most satisfaction when the sole aim is to aid or save lives. During my design studies, I have taught myself to become a design thinker, changing my perspective on the world. My days are lived in sketches, mock-ups, simulations, and renders allowing me to put my product vision in place exactly as I have visualised. Now successfully finishing my design studies, I strive to take every opportunity to grow as a designer through team activities, industry experience and online resources.

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STAKK is an innovative luggage solution to combat the constant overpacking for travellers. Designed for the ‘modern traveler’, STAKK comes with 3 packs, to initiate conscious packing , allowing the user to judge what they believe is necessary for their length of stay. Overpacking begins with the choice of travel bag, if you start off with a big bag, you are likely to fill it up with things that are not needed. STAKK accomplished this through cleverly filling the packs up first before zipping together and sliding into the shell.

Through the cleverly filled packs, each pack can be separated into different compartments, summer clothes, toiletries, and extras. Forming a more organised packing experience, reducing stress when arriving and through security. Packs such as extras can be left packed and toiletries can be placed straight in the bathroom.

Customer desire towards high-end luggage, STAKK is stylish yet practical and aims to maximise the interior volume of the luggage while minimalising its weight, creating a travel collection that is "lightweight, strong and resistant" . To achieve this, STAKK combines both soft and hard materials - the fiberglass outer shell provides protection against wear and tear, while the separate leather packs allow for easy expansion to accommodate travel items.

With over half of global travelers reporting to plan to take more weekend trips, STAKK will help people make the most of those smaller trips.


ATTACH is a modular ladder, providing flexibility in customisation, with an emphasis on storage, safety and multipurpose.

It was identified that consumers who stored their ladders outdoors were more at risk of an accident, unaware of the hidden damages. ATTACH accomplished this by eliminating exposure to the outdoors by encouraging the ladder to be stored within the living environment, creating a beautiful and elegant piece.

ATTACH is heavily focused on safety, hidden behind its minimalist design. Fixed at a 75 degree angle, thanks to its one aluminium bar frame, provides a ladder that is always set up safely. The cleverly designed top shelf, gives the user an area to hold and store tools, reducing fatigue on both the user and the ladder. The detachable bottom support provides the extra strength the frame requires, which can be used as storage for shoes, bags or even firewood. Being detachable allows the user to remove the support to lighten the frame for an easier maneuver and reattach once the correct position for the job has been found.

Crafted for living areas and bedrooms, ATTACH was keen to make an impression with its style, focusing on elegance and beauty when stood alone. ATTACH can be a place to hang and throw clothes over, store magazines and newspapers or even place personal belongings. ATTACH is so versatile it makes a great addition to one’s home.

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