Eliot Stevens

I am a passionate designer with a focus on creating user experiences that define the success of a product. I believe that the aesthetics are derived from function, removing anything that does not add to the concepts engagement.

Throughout my time at University I have gained skills that I will take going into the future. From projects with brands like Wilkos, Speedo and Herman Miller, I have enjoyed the wide variety of different challenges and fast paced projects that have kept me finding new solutions.

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‘Heks’ is a solution to enhance the way in which collectors can display their collections. The fully customisable, modular shelving system takes into consideration the space in which it will be placed. Allowing the user to adapt their system to match their own requirements in a cost-effective way. The expandable feature can grow with the collection meaning that there is always space for new items to be added. The shelf brings a new contemporary aesthetic to the market and adds a tier/hierarchy system to the display unit.

Heks features a simple slide in, slide out mechanism that is optimized an easy way to adapt the users display. This achieved by using aluminium extrusions for the corner pieces that offer strength and a precise fit.

Available in three sizes and finishes like Satin Varnished Oak and White, Grey and Black melamine coated chipboard, the user has full freedom to expand their collection with Heks.

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