Ella Maisie Stephenson

My design journey is somewhat unconventional, having started out in the sciences with an eye for creativity, I have proven to be an effective intermediary between innovation and consumers. I have worked on a variety of projects with world-leading clients, working within multidisciplinary teams at Innovia Technology.

I enjoy using aesthetics to better translate clever functionality; at the age of 24, I am comfortable with sharing my ideas and make an effective communicator! I hope to bring my cultural perspective, meticulous process and considered approach, to help tackle complex scenarios in the design industry.

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With the ageing population, the NHS is more under pressure than ever.

abode as a brand helps identify inefficiencies in the current system and educates ‘best practice’. Personal daily care practices are becoming neglected; little to no training on shaving is provided as staff prioritise vital health needs. This dehumanises the hospital experience and can have detrimental impacts to mental health.

Currently, nurses deal with inadequate equipment; using up to 4 disposable razors per shave alongside poor quality shaving foam. Not only is this system inefficient and physically straining for the nurses, it increases the likelihood of cuts, risking infection.

The reusable metal razor improves shaving techniques and the short handle enables access under the chin to immobile patients. The easy-clean ‘pinch’ attachment complies with medical standards and the ergonomic form facilitates a high-quality safety blade.

The dual function wash bowl with an island for lathering shaving cream, combines contemporary design with traditional barbershop experiences; using durable plastic for the NHS and a ceramic edition for the home. Complimenting the bowl, a disposable sponge, infused with shaving cream solution enhances the lather. This soft sponge creates a therapeutic experience for the patients; whilst the home range includes a minimal shaving brush and an agglomerated cork tray.

abode’s give-back scheme uses a portion of profits generated from the home range to create an affordable NHS range. Alongside the product ranges, are informative prints with user-friendly iconography and an emotive poster campaign; provoking discussions around the importance of personal care practices on patient dignity.

abode - promoting dignity and improving efficiency. Tackling single-use plastic and saving the NHS thousands in health economic costs.


Why isn’t it easier to find people with similar hair types? Why isn’t it easier to get advice? Why do the curly hair shelves look inadequate compared to the rows of straight hair shelves?

These are just some of the questions curly-haired people ask themselves.

type as a brand, recognises the challenges of having unmanageable curly hair and offers a unique, personalised experience for all 9 curl types. The brand provides an inclusive hair care experience which brings modern innovation to a seemingly outdated textured hair market. type aims to promote diversity and create a community within today’s multicultural society, with Afro-Caribbean women spending 6 times more on hair care than Caucasians in the UK.

type offers more than an average hair care brand; it is a unique, user-centred and holistic experience. An analysis informs consumers on their individual hair type through in-app questionnaires and a guided physical analysis. The consumer receives a results profile recommending a unique formula. Product samples are delivered to the consumers’ door for a trial.

Full size bottles can be ordered through the app, or alternatively picked up in-store with guidance from expert advisers. Consumers can purchase product sachets online or use the in-store refill stations. The reusable silicone bottle incorporates braille to further the brands inclusivity values, whilst combining sustainability with practical design. The overall experience is a more cost-effective purchase system than the common ‘trial and error’ approach.

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