Ephraim Morton

Hello, My name is Ephraim and I am a 22 year old designer form Nottingham. I am an enthusiastic designer who is consumer led looking at the way people interact with products both emotionally and tangibly. I look to create an experience with my products and designs that will leave an impression on the user. I work hard to understand consumer journeys, lifestyles and motives to ensure products are suited to the target market. My strengths lie in model making and visuals as I am a practical designer , always prototyping.

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Candour tea set.

A 2 person tea set that aims to create a healthy conversation between two individuals, improving mental wellness through the process of tea making and taking breaks.The 9-piece set facilitates the enjoyable and beneficial process of brewing and drinking loose tea. The design of the set is consistent and unified with the chamfered design of the main components providing a simplicity and also soft lines throughout. This is complimented by the pastel colour scheme for a calming effect. This form also allows the stacking of these pieces, reducing space and becoming an interesting profile to be left out in the room.
The contemporary style is interesting and distances itself from the classic formal tea set, which is outdated and has connotations of being posh and aged, but still takes inspiration form Chinese culture in process and form. It includes vessel, cups, container, coaster and sleeve. These pieces are joined by the spoon and strainer with include the two-pronged design feature providing comfortable grip and symbolise the two people who are using the design, adding a unique aesthetic and intrigue to the design.
The pieces are crafted through primary and secondary research to be a comfortable size to grip and this is enforced by subtle grip ridge on the side of the cups, adding a functional and aesthetic value. The design is encased by subtle and sleek packaging in three colour ways including a custom foam casing for protection in transport and storage. This is accompanied by a clear instructional sheet for users as it was identified that the process is not widely known by a research survey of consumers. This is supported by the marks added to the base of the pieces portraying a clear order of use.


Ovolo aims to tackle the dangerous contactless spending behaviour that has distanced consumers from the payments they make. The daily task of evaluating purchases and the amount of money the consumer will need for the day leads to better money management.
The chip has been designed to work as a contactless money pot. It is a small, electronic, tactile chip that holds the amount of money that the users wants for the day or event, controlled through the app. The consumer can leave the bulky and outdated wallet at home after uploading their daily affordable amount , carrying around the Ovolo chip instead, making payments easier and quicker without the worry of overspending due to the real life limit. The qualities and importance of real money converted to a chip.
The ergonomic and tactile chip has been designed the fit the users thumb comfortably or it can be used in the stylish Ovolo carry bag. Research and development lead to a gambling style chip which has value and a desire to be played with but a more responsible message. It is also bowl shape, giving subtle indications that it is actually carrying something opposed to a flat, characterless card.

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