Esmé Marcella Wheatley

Thoughtful, artistic and process driven with a focus on colour theory and application in the design process are the qualities that I pride myself on and take into my work. Through design, I have found my creative identity and visual voice.

My invaluable experience working for Michael Anastassiades (, a multidisciplinary studio best known for lighting design, as well as Native (, an international strategic consultancy for brand development and Deadgood (, a design studio known for its eclectic style of retail products. I am eager to learn new skills and immerse myself in different aspects of the design industry.

+44 7525 054440

Skill Swap

Skill Swap is a scheme for people in the local community to connect and help each other. It organises and tracks voluntary efforts, capturing the attributes of individuals through selfless actions. Developed as a means to encourage integration and dialogue between different demographics through practical need, Skill Swap is necessary for the social fabric of our society.

It seeks to develop social support for those on the margins of society, by offering a functional means for people to volunteer their knowledge, experience and skills in an organised and focussed way, self-esteem is preserved. For example, an individual might volunteer to help someone with their English language in exchange for gardening. This reciprocal arrangement creates commonality and collective conscience through the exchange of labour and time.

Skill Swap also provides pocket-coupons coloured and categorised; Physical, Communication, Skilled Labour & Creative Skills. Sign-up, create a profile, with what skills you have and what help you need. A match is then made with someone for the exchange. The coupons are credit card sized. A website provides users with further information about the scheme and a sense of expanding Skill Swap community.

Colour Purpose

Colour Purpose is a creative tool which helps designers to think outside the box. It puts colour first in the design process. The tool provides a brief generator which uses colour as its primary driver.

Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can cause reactions and change actions. Colour is often considered implicit, or secondary to function and often as an isolated quality but, in reality, colour connects with everything we do in our day-to-day lives. Colour Purpose acknowledges the utility, theory and emotion of colour and activates these as core concepts.

Colour Purpose posits a new methodology and offers an intuitive application receptive to both colour trending and user experience. The process is simple. Pick a colour, then an emotion and a material is then immediately suggested. These attributes inform the next stage of the design process. Colour Purpose has radically alters the sequence in the design process and seeks to fundamentally affect the final material product.

Colour Purpose is a tool for future designers and educators. This new approach frees one to make instinctive choices, encourages intellectual exploration and allows colour to lead the creative process.

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