Franklin Hutton

My design ethos revolves around the ability to be versatile and a well rounded designer, allowing deeper understanding of projects and introducing fresh perspectives in response to problems.

My unique design process investigates all areas of users, functions, aesthetics and the market to determine the best response to a problem and eventually create a successful outcome. My experience in industry at Corndell Furniture expanded my design acumen through interaction with colleagues in the UK, Vietnam and the US, working on projects for reputable brands such as Furniture Village, Dunelm, Next and gaining invaluable experience working the largest furniture shows in the country.

Areas of design I've developed the most confidence in are the ability to problem solve, analysing the market, visualising and presenting with 3D and computer generated software, project management and interacting with users, clients or team members to generate ideas and discuss as well as evaluate.

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Maintenance addresses mental health problems today in our society by providing products which enable and encourage hobbies, activities and house-work, functioning in a versatile, utilitarian military style. The project took inspiration from the mental health struggle of military persons, who often face traumatic events which evolved to reach a larger community of mental health suffers and aims to enforce the idea of routine and protocol mirroring the structure of military life. The products serve multiple functions with the step-stool acting as a step-ladder as well as seating while the desk-planter provides a place to plant a garden and act as a workstation, maximising the functions of the products and enabling users to have a more personal interaction with the goods.


Affix - to fasten, join or attach

Affix aimed to create a storage system for 18-45 year old's who are living in rented housing. Through designing an outcome driven by the idea of ownership in a space and feeling at home. The project developed with the idea to make the outcome affordable, have easy to understand parts as well as being customisable to suit the user and their space.

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