George Heading

I design with conviction to turn great ideas into innovative, desirable products with a strong focus on practicality and human centric design. My aim is to create designs that fulfil a purpose, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing through form and function. My focus is on design not just for today but for innovative and desirable solutions that will take us into the future.

My internship introduced me to the focused, multi-tasking work ethic required in a commercial design studio. As a passionate creative I look forward to combing this experience with my design skills as I embark on my industry career.

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Rethinking smart home technology- ota.

Ota is an integrated, portable, smart speaker mood lamp with a wireless charging catch-all tray.

Our home provides us with a warm haven in which simplicity, calmness and the use of natural materials are most commonly sought, with people endeavouring to minimise the overall number of products in order to achieve this. Frequently the design of smart technology devices reflects their technological capabilities and overlooks the form, emotions and attitudes associated with the home environment.

To create smart home devices that are a natural, organic extension of the home environment which complement their surroundings requires the integration of such devices with established domestic objects.

The Ota mood lamp forms the domestic element, building on the values of calmness and warmth, which is seamlessly integrated with a smart speaker capable of accommodating a range of voice assistants. The mood light emits a diffused warm tone reflected from the back shade with the colour changed through voice activation. The catch all tray is enabled with QI wireless charging allowing for both the lamp and other QI supported electronic devices to be charged. The ceramic finish to lamp and tray, coloured in calming tones, effortlessly integrates Ota into the home.

Rethinking Donations- Offeri

Offeri, an all-in-one handheld payment plate, allows people attending religious institutions to make offerings by cash or card. This maintains traditional giving methods whilst seamlessly adjusting to new payment technology by linking a contactless reader to a standard smart phone running a payment application.

Currently, 63% of people within the UK use contactless payments and spend on average 30% more using this method which is set to rise as we move to a cashless society. Religious institutions have seen donations dramatically fall. People who are used to cashless transactions are failing to engage with religious institutions’ reliance on cash donations.

Offeri caters for a wide variety of religious environments through the use of unobtrusive design, natural materials and organic shapes integrated to reflect the traditional harmony found within places of worship.

The contoured sides create a familiar dish shape for the collection of cash donations so as not to alienate those not familiar with modern technology, or who do not have a debit or credit card. Due to the ease of use the plate will not intrude on the religious ceremony.

Offeri, will help increase revenue and will demonstrate the ability to respond to current payment preferences.

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