Harry Allsop

I have a passion for design and think within this industry there is huge potential to have an impact on the way people live and work. I believe that as a designer I have the opportunity to communicate concepts to a chosen audience. Through my designs I aim to create change and innovation focusing on lifestyle products. Function, style and aesthetics are the key driving factors for my design work.

I had an invaluable 18 months work experience at Quadpack, a multi-international packaging company, where I gained insights into working within a design team developing projects from concepts through to prototyping.

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Milieu – An innovative timepiece that allows the user to wear the product in two ways either as a pocket watch or as a wristwatch. In-depth research into additive manufacturing was explored, understanding the benefits and limitations of this system was vital for this piece of design as this was the manufacturing process used for this product.

The customer can purchase a minimalist wristwatch that can be easily adapted to be worn as a pocket watch. This provides the customer with two completely different fashion styles to compliment varying fashion trends. The customer could purchase different designs of the pocket watch case to suit their individual tastes, they could also purchase multiple cases giving them a variety of styles.

This minimal but stylish timepiece was produced in stainless steel with a smart leather strap, the design also allows the user to purchase various different chains to accompany the pocket watch. This brand considers future production methods along with the fashion trends evident in today’s society.


This brief was in collaboration with the company Quadpack, after extensive research an area of business called athleisure beauty was found, this linked well with the question that was set and this drove the brief.

The product line Nort was evolved. This is a dispensing system of solid formula. Due to this brief being largely formula led in-depth research was carried out into this area of the industry and a pod system was found. There were numerous ways that the pod system was found to work, including the use of friction or water which then allowed the pod to turn into a foam like substance.

The gesture designed required the user to click a feature at the top and via a spring mechanism this released a single dosage pod. The pods contained different formula’s this could range from moisturisers to cleansers.

This product line heavily considers sustainability, with the use of the website the user is able to easily re-order the pods.

Nort is the perfect beauty travel product, it is a simple, stylish and functional dispensing system. A small wash bag was also designed along with this project allowing the user to easily transport the product along with any other beauty essentials they wish to take with them.

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