Hasaam Chaudhary

I thrive on the limitless potential of design to overcome any challenge. My tenacious nature allows me to be unrelenting in my pursuit of my design goals through extensive trialling.

Design and society are intertwined. One does not move forward without the other. As a designer, I have the privilege of using my work to drive societal change. My major project was centred on this, by addressing the fact that children’s shoes are not designed to accommodate their growing feet. My design aimed to increase the longevity of a product that typically has a shorter lifespan amongst children.

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Resizable footwear for primary school children could significantly reduce the costs involved with raising a child while encouraging them to remain active.

This project looked to address the market need for longer lasting children’s footwear by designing resizable school trainers. Buying frequent replacements for shoes can pose a significant financial burden for parents. The connection between the tongue, sole and vamp allow the user to manipulate the size of the shoe as the sole stretches forward. The size can be locked using a simple hook system connecting the tongue and eyestay. Combining this innovative solution with a two-part sole featuring a comfortable PU foam midsole protected by a dense PU rubber outsole gives it significant durability, with the shoe expected to keep up with the growth of the user for at least 18-24 months.

Ordinary school shoes are not suited to children’s needs, as they do everything from walking to playing sport in their school shoes. The ergonomic sole design as well as the reinforced upper make this shoe suitable for various tasks such as walking, running and sport. This trainer can be resized up to two sizes.


“rantan” is a task lamp crafted for users with an interest in premium design and details. It takes inspiration from traditional Japanese lanterns due to the prominent attention to detail in lighting design.

The design incorporates the encased nature of lanterns to create a warm lighting effect ideal for creating a relaxing environment. The frosted glass shutters take this further by giving the user the ability to cast diffused or direct lighting. Interaction is central to this design. Users are able to slide the glass shutters to manipulate the lighting, as well as rotate the lamp head. The contrasting walnut accents combine to create a premium aesthetic. The base has a semi-gloss finish to make the rotation smoother, whereas the body has a matte texture complimenting the wood grain. This product would be available to buy from higher end retailers such as John Lewis.

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