Hayley So

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, who is passionate to explore various areas of design to help grow as a person as well as a designer. My final year projects are solutions to help improve people’s day-to-day life from issues like loneliness to occasionally needing to work from home.
From both my placements at Dassault Systemès and Willson & Brown, they have provided me with such invaluable experiences from different perspectives. I also learned an array of new techniques and skills whilst there.
As a hard-working designer, I am excited to continue learning and immersing myself in the design industry.


Huga is a Norwegian word meaning inclined (wanting to do something). Huga embodies the philosophy of making the transition of working-from-home to dining seamlessly.

Only 30% of the UK’s workforce work from home (8.7 million people as of April 2020) which is the market that Huga is targeting, primarily those who occasionally work from home and do not have the space for a home office. As working-from-home becomes more prevalent especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic which is re-shaping the way we work as we know it.

This dining cum work-from-home table has design features such as chamfered edges, which softens the table meaning that it is more ergonomically designed for better user experience. Followed by, an extension lead that’s tucked away whilst still allowing users to easily access power to charge their devices when working. Being an extendable 2 to 4-seater allows users to either cater for more people at mealtimes or to create a larger work-space. The tabletop is made from linoleum, which has an earthy, solid quality yet also “gives” when you touch it. It looks matt and natural and feels warm to the touch, a practical and aesthetically pleasing material to pair with ash.


Fika is a Swedish word that means a quality break in the day for coffee and something sweet with others.

This product helps tackle loneliness by bringing people together and make them feel like they are a part of the community itself. Fika is a product that cares about people’s well-being and making them feel like they are home wherever they are.

Not having a sense of belonging and loneliness affect over 9 million people in the UK (2018), this is amplified when someone relocates to a new area. The unfamiliarity may be extremely daunting for some, in which the struggle to find their belonging within the community is most probably due to a lack of information available to them.

Fika provides a subscription or one-off box containing some samples of products from local businesses, a first aid kit, a mini book on well-being and postcards along with a link to the Fika app.

The app itself is a system that creates a circular economy of between potential consumers and local businesses through advertisement and a reward scheme, along with a calendar to organise and attend local events within the area.

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