Henrietta Howes

I am a multidisciplinary designer, who enjoys product and graphic design, as well as illustration. I am dedicated to creating fun, user focused and sustainable designs. I used these principles while working on my final year projects, which explored modular gaming headphones and cardboard building toys.

I have experience working for OKIDO, Devonia and ZWC, I worked as both a product and graphic designer within all of those companies. I am eager to further my design education and to begin my work in industry.

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ADOO is a set of tools for building structures out of card easily and with no mess, for children aged three and up.

ADOO is a collection of connecting tools that enable children to easily build any structure they can imagine easily and frustration free. The kit contains 3 tools, pinch, punch and connect. The pinch pieces easily slide over and grip card, the connect pieces lock multiple pinch pieces together. The card sections can be connected at various angles, depending on which connect piece is chosen. The punch pieces pierce through card and are secured with a nut on the other side.

ADOO can be used in two ways, with ‘fab’ sheet card or ‘found’ card. Fab card is sheets of precut square card. Most sheets in the fab packs are plain card, there are also additional accent sheets with perforated push through windows and doorways.

The cardboard box the kit comes in transforms into a toolbox easily, with two tears and two punch pieces, which can be found inside the kit. Booster packs containing hinge or wheel pieces can be purchased to go alongside the main toolkit.


META is a modular gaming headset aimed at female gamers that allows them to fully customize their gaming set up.

First customers choose the shape of the headband, ear cups and a custom plate for the earcup. The custom plate completely changes the aesthetic of the headset, and it is available as solid or mesh, allowing the consumer to decide whether their headset is open or closed back. No other headset on the market allows this level of control. The custom plate is held on by magnets, allowing the user to quickly swap between having open or closed back, or even just changing up how the headset looks.

Second, customers pick the colour of the powder coating for the main body of the headset. They then pick the colour of fabric for the ear and headband padding. Next is the fabric type, faux leather or cloth, both offer different thermal and noise cancelling properties. The last step is adding extras, RGB lighting, which is a marmite issue among gamers, they either love it or hate it, often being the deciding factor on whether to purchase a piece of gaming gear.

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