Holly Arnott

I am a concept driven designer, with a huge interest in designing for children, which I focused on for my major project. As an individual, I am focused and hard working with a desire for learning new skills. I completed a placement at Roundhouse Design in London, where I was able to enhance my design skills and gain industrial experience in a fast-paced working environment.

+44 7557 224530

Koselig - Children's Furniture

Koselig is designed to decrease clutter in children’s bedrooms. Today, most furniture is cheap, mass-produced and low quality, as it is designed to be disposed of and replaced. This leads to the growing fast furniture trend, which contributes to our ‘throwaway society’. Koselig is a multi-functional children’s storage unit that will provide a solution to clutter in children’s bedrooms as a child grows up. It consists of an ash clothing rail with a tepee style frame and an ash veneered toy box with a soft closing lid and a seat. The seat pad, available in multiple different colours, sticks onto the lid of the toy box using velcro, allowing it to be removed easily for cleaning or replacement, without having to replace the whole unit. It is assembled using wooden dowels and knock-down bed fittings, which allows the product to be mostly disassembled for transport. The gender-neutral wooden style with the customisable seating pad makes the product suitable for all children ages 4+ and allows it to grow with the child, counteracting the trend of ‘fast furniture’. Koselig will encourage children to tidy away after them-selves and gives them a development boost by encouraging independence, dressing, play and leisurely activities.

ForgetMeNot Sensory Book

The ForgetMeNot Sensory Book is designed to ease anxiety and agitation in Dementia patients who are experiencing Transfer Trauma from moving into a care home. Transfer trauma is a term used to describe the stress that a person with dementia may experience when changing their living environment, due to their new surroundings and changes. This can lead to restless hands and fidgeting. The book contains five different nature-related scenes made from soft materials to encourage sensory stimulation. It includes picture slots for family to add in pictures when they visit to give the resident the feel of flipping through an old photo album, with relatives being able to put photos into the picture slots. There is a blank page allowing activity coordinators in activity sessions to encourage residents to make their own small scenes and stick them on using velcro, encouraging interactivity. On the back cover, there is a pocket holding a small lavender wheat pack, which can provide warmth and relaxation for user. The book can be washed and is packaged in a cotton drawstring bag. The book provides a comforting network between the relatives, the carer and the resident as everyone plays a small part in its use.

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