Jack Lee

I am versatile and passionate designer, striving to create impactful changes in people’s lives through the medium of design. I pride myself on being a hardworking and diligent individual in everything I do. My design ideology places the user at the heart of the creative process to ensure the development of meaningful and purposeful design that makes a difference. This philosophy is reflected across my final year projects, which focused on areas such as empowering the mobile workforce and creating accessible dietary supplements for the masses.

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SmartFuel creates a tailored nutritional supplement experience, for health and fitness enthusiasts who live fast paced lives. Utilising the SmartFuel smartphone application, users fill out a short questionnaire detailing their bodily measurements, dietary build up and exercise goals – amongst other factors. The unique results produced by the questionnaire generate a personalised supplement blend that is most beneficial to the users needs. The supplement blend is then pre-measured into fourteen individual daily sachets, which are then packaged into a bi-weekly subscription boxes and posted through the user’s letterbox. SmartFuel aims to deliver a service which is fast and efficient, whilst creating a platform for users to improve their diet and athletic performance. Each sachet contains a unique blend of supplement powders appropriate for the user’s goals and lifestyle. These sachets can be easily stored, carried and consumed on the go. SmartFuel ultimately aims to create a more effortless and straightforward nutritional experience.


BikeBox is the ultimate bicycle security system for Deliveroo riders. Installed outside participating restaurants, BikeBox provides the rider with a safe location to secure their bike whilst collecting food from inside. Eliminating the need for inefficient and sluggish traditional locks, BikeBox functions through a simplistic QR code system located within the rider’s smartphone application. When scanned, the stainless-steel mount unlocks allowing the rider to secure the frame of their bike.

Bikebox’s primary goal is to keep riders’ bicycles safe, however it also offers so much more. It benefits everyone involved. For riders, it boosts their confidence and sense of security which leads to a more productive workforce. It keeps restaurants cleaner and less congested as it takes away the need for riders to roll their bike into every eatery they pick up from. This creates a more positive relationship between rider and restaurant. It also helps Deliveroo create a smoother delivery model, by utilising important data trends and patterns that BikeBox technology helps to record every time it is unlocked and put into action.

Ultimately BikeBox boosts rider efficiency and sense of security, leading to a more productive workforce as well as benefitting the customer by reducing delivery times significantly.

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