Jake Hayward

As a product designer I am highly motivated and passionate. I have a multitude of skills and knowledge within the creative industry and I constantly strive to achieve the best of my ability. I am always willing to go the extra mile, volunteering in the University exhibition team, makers club, as well as taking part in the University design society. I have invaluable experience working for the furniture and lighting design company Moree in Düsseldorf, Germany for my placement year, this exposed me to many areas within the industry.
I am excited about the prospect of starting a career within the design industry in order to further expand my knowledge and skills. Please feel free to contact me using the details below:

+44 7401 129940


One of the biggest problems that the world currently faces is climate change caused by the increase in carbon dioxide. The largest contributor towards carbon dioxide is transportation. Electric cars are one of the most viable ways of reducing carbon dioxide, but not everyone is choosing to buy electric cars in 2020. One of the reasons why people are not choosing to buy electric cars is due to ‘Range Anxiety’ when a driver feels they are not capable of travelling to there desired destination due to the limited range of electric vehicles compared with internal combustion engine vehicles.

Voltax is the world’s first portable battery range extender for electric cars. When the electric car driver has low range then the driver can easily plug in Voltax and carry on with there journey. Voltax can rapidly charge your vehicle, within 20 minutes your vehicle will be able to travel 10 extra miles. This also can be used in emergency situations, for example if the driver has no range on a motorway they could charge up on the hard shoulder as opposed to being towed away.

Pura Pods

Air pollution kills more people than smoking in the UK. Indoor air pollution is three times as worse than outdoor air pollution and we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Pura Pods are the world’s first ‘all in one’ organic air filtration system. Designed to remove all four major toxic pollutants from inside the home, Volatile organic compounds, Particulate matter, O-Zone and Nitrogen Oxide. The plant pots absorb pollution because they are both made from smart materials: Titanium dioxide and Activated charcoal. Using a study by NASA the two most effective plants in reducing pollution: Peace lily and Devils ivy. All together the smart pots and plants are used create an ecosystem to filtrate harmful pollution in the home.

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