James Metcalfe

I am an inspired designer with a particular interest in user-centred design and sustainability. I believe that designers have a responsibility to design and create products that will provide an expressive and valuable experience. I have reflected on this in terms of my final year projects and aimed to solve some of the problems that users have to deal with in their everyday lives.


An equipment organisation system for art & design-based students and workers. A powder-coated aluminium body with a soft cork bottom. The lightweight aluminium makes it easier to transport between work and home and the soft cork bottom prevents any damage to surfaces. The product allows students and workers to keep all of their equipment organised in a stylish manner. Discussing work routines with artists and designers was key to creating a product that would fit all of their needs, as well as testing models and reviewing real-time user feedback. The number and variety of pots allow the product to work around the user rather than having the user work around them, adapting to the environment dependant on the user’s needs.


A free-standing, modular shelving unit for young renters. With the rising number of renters & the average tenancy across the UK being 20 months, people need furniture that can move with them and adapt to new environments. The separate components of the unit allow users to not only decide how long they want it to be but also how many shelves it should have. Through extensive research into the market and users' needs, a list of fundamental aspects was created to help design the perfect system for renters who are constantly on the move, experiencing new environments wherever they go. Lightweight, durable, modular, and cost-effective, the Adaptiv Shelving System gives users the chance to add to their collection as and when they need it for a reasonable price.

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