Jay Persico

I aspire to learn, improve and re-imagine. My mindset when approaching a brief or problem for design takes the form of Minimalism. I focus on the core principles of the product and the user. In both of my final year projects, I have critically analysed the consumer to drive the process and believe designing for the user should be at the forefront of design. The future and sustainability are complimented by Minimalism. I believe that this practice of design can implement the environment we live in today in a positive means.

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A 1.6 litre modular kettle which allows for a customisable user experience and tackles modern day issues of sustainability. The modular design allows for sustainability as the user can remove parts to clean or replace, thus eliminating the need to throw away the product. To improve the sustainability, Voor has a concealed form to keep the heat inside to remove the need to re-boil. The Induction Technology uses up to 50% less energy required than conventional electric or gas methods and provides a safer practice within the kitchen environment. The induction base allows the user to customise their experience. The three dials allow the user to change the temperature of the water, set a timer and the power button. Voor addresses the needs of the user due to its angular body by reducing wrist strain creating a simpler tea drinking experience. The body of Voor has been made from LDPE due to its insulating properties and chemical resistance. Important to conceal the heat energy inside as well as being lightweight for the user.


The minimo coffee table is a modular product which tackles the stigma of aesthetics surrounding existing coffee tables. Arguably the most important piece of furniture in the house, the minimo coffee table has been created to improve the mental health of the 30+ Millennial through the means of materials and functionality. Cork, a creative material which is yet to still be explored thoroughly in the world of design. The texture and colour provide the user with a sense of warm and relaxing emotions. The busy lifestyle of the working Millennial has its consequences, when they have their free time, it is important to re-energise and fully relax their mindset in order to maintain a stable mental health. Adapting the user’s behaviour to promote organisation and materials which endorse tranquillity, peace to aid everyday activities thus improving daily life and mental health. The modular design allows the user to change the coffee table to adapt to almost any situation within its environment. This can be from social events such as having friends over, watching movies with your family or eating dinner after a long day at work. The triangular stool can be accessed and
manipulated to support the consumer in any scenario. The user can rest their legs while watching tv, place their hot beverage on it while eating and even sit on while their friends and family are round.

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