Jesse Tyrrell

As a designer I am adaptable and highly motivated. I thrive on engaging with diverse projects, from those driven by the end user to ones with conceptual focus, addressing broader societal issues. Grateful to have been raised in Brixton, South London, I gained exposure to a wide array of cultural identities and ways of life, absorbing the area’s rich political and cultural history and an appreciation for the people within the community. I always strive to incorporate these altruistic values in to my creative process; researching, conceiving, developing and refining potential solutions in pursuit of innovative and considered product experiences.

+44 7531 148494


A 'smart' micro garden for the home, Totum looks to the future of fresh food consumption.

The Totum micro garden lets consumers grow microgreens at home. Growing between one and three inches in height, microgreens have very high nutritional value, while requiring very little space to grow. Using a tiered cyclical growth system means the plants are always growing, allowing consistent access for users.

Built in sensors monitor growth and adjust conditions accordingly. The user assumes the role of an overseer, watching over the plants physically and virtually via the accompanying app until they are primed for consumption. Physical interaction is limited to setting up and initiating the growth cycle, replenishing the water tank once every two days and finally harvesting and consuming the microgreens once the cycle is completed.

Giving users daily access to microgreens to supplement their diet is of significant benefit to their health. The system is designed to engage the user in the growth process and bring life into the home, both of which will benefit user’s physical and mental wellbeing. While the critical focus is the consumer’s health, Totum also addresses sustainability. By creating a closed-loop system of food production, waste is eradicated and the user’s needs for purchasing unsustainable foods are reduced.


The Paddi wireless charging set offers a holistic wireless charging experience for at home as well as on the go.

Paddi is centered on the user and their experience. As we become increasingly dependent on our devices, we need intuitive tools at our disposal to ensure these devices are working for us to the best of their ability. The Paddi experience takes an assertive step in that direction.

The relationship between products in the Paddi ecosystem paves the way for a completely wireless charging experience. Designed for the bedside table, the user places their smartphone and wireless charge pad into the tray before going to bed, waking up ready to face the day with a fully charged phone and portable wireless charger. Acting as a reliable companion, the portable charge pad will cover all the charging needs of a user throughout a busy day.

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