Jessica Richards

I am a designer with experience in product design, graphic design, and illustration. My focus and passion is in design for children which is evident through my final year projects. I have a great interest in designing fun, imaginative and whimsical products. My designs aim to combat current issues in a fun and creative way.
I have valuable work experience from The Walt Disney Company. This gave me ample experience in the business side of design and product development, as well as working to strict deadlines in a speedy and professional manner. This experience reaffirmed my ambition to design for children.


Hydro Heroes

Saving water can be fun! Hydro Heroes are fun shower timers aimed at busy families with young children. The timer alerts users to their water use with a fun colour coordinated clock face.
Hydro Heroes are shower timers that assist busy families with reducing their water consumption. The Hydro Heroes 5-minute challenge turns shower time into a game for young children, encouraging them to spend 5 minutes or less in the shower. If they turn the dial to 5 minutes and get out of the shower, before the dial hand turns into the red, they can put a cute character sticker on their chart. Filling their chart gives them the chance to win Hydro Heroes prizes.

The Hydro Heroes also appeal to young children through cute, interchangeable character covers. These covers are collectable adding another element of fun. When the child gets bored of the character cover, they have they can collect a new one. The interchangeable character covers also provide a great opportunity to keep on track with popular trends. For further appeal the timer is waterproof and can double up as a bath buddy, making bath time more fun.

Little Legends

The Little Legends Playset encourages imaginative, messy play, and engagement with nature all themed around British Folklore.

‘Nature deficit disorder’ the term used to define children’s lack of interaction with nature is becoming a prominent issue with today’s youth. The Little Legends playset is designed for outdoor use and aims to tackle this issue.

The theming of the Little Legends playset is Robin Hood, an iconic and exciting theme to engage children’s imaginations. Children and Parents are encouraged to play together, read, and act out the storybook, with the wooden characters and by making props from craft materials or natural elements in the garden. The wooden box that the playset is housed in becomes trays to be filled with sand or soil. These are the stage for the stories to take place in. Children can build the flatpack Nottingham Castle, and place it in a tray or elsewhere in the garden.

The characters have movable arms and hands that can hold props for playability. The set also comes with a water tray with an accurate British pond-life scene to further boost children’s imaginations. All the components to the playset are durable and can be easily cleaned to maintain hygiene.

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