Joe Payne

I am a designer with passion for improvement. No item is perfect, and I strive to rethink everyday items in a way that enhances the users experience with a product. I drive to improve way people interact and use everyday items, rethinking them in a way to improve their aesthetics without removing any functionality. I am most comfortable in the workshop prototyping and getting hands on experimenting with materials and forms.

With years of experience in the Adobe Suite, CAD programs such as key shot and solid works its these skills that allow me to push through any brief. I am a hardworking, creative and innovative designer eager to get my foot in the door within the industry, to further my knowledge and use my experience to push forward through my design path.

+44 7858 264286


With more and more people working from home it is important to work in the most efficient way. Between 2008 and 2018 the amount of people who work from home saw an increase of 74%. As well as flexi workers rising to over 4.5 million people in Britain there has never been more people working from their homes as there has been today.

By exploring the user joinery and identifying how people who work from home interact with their surroundings and workspace some clear points were bought to light. When working from home people work fare better when in a tidy and organised environment.

PLTRM is a desk designed to promote tidiness and productivity. The desks makes use of materials such as hard solid wood timber and brass accents to convey quality of the desk through premium materials. Using a sandcast shelf to add an elevation to the workspace it allows the user to separate their equipment and keep the workspace tidier. As well as including filleted indents in the top to further organise any small items that you may need at an arm’s reach but not directly next to you. On back of the desk is situated an integrated leather cable tidy to keep loose wires tidy and out of sight.


Noye is an every day carry with tactile stationary case

Noye was designed to tackle issues risen in the stationary market. In the USA alone in 2017 1.6 billion disposable pens were thrown away. Considering that was just over the course of one year you can only imagine the amount of plastic that amounts to worldwide.

Using 100% recyclable Aluminium Noye is designed to last. The main body of the carry case holds the removable pen sleeve designed to be taken with you to lectures, meetings and interviews, housing the essentials, pen, pencil and ruler. While the main body has small storage place for all your other equipment whether it be stationary, chargers or whatever you can’t go to work without.

Whether it’s on the move or at your desk Noye is a statement piece which is why it’s been designed to hold centre stage on your desk. Not only does it hold a desk presence when in use, when opened, the lid acts a stand angling your stationary up towards you and making it easier to access exactly what you want, when you want it. The side part of the case which houses the pen, pencil and ruler can be slid out and taken with you when only the essentials are needed.

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