Joel Carr

Problem solving in an innovative and passionate manner, I love to throw myself in to every project with a willingness to learn and a drive to find the best solution. I live by the belief that it is a designers role to make the world a better place, which drives my creative process. With a broad range of design skills, from research and sketching ideation through to visual mock-ups and final renders, I pride myself on being proficient across the board.

I am looking to build on my year in the packaging industry with Nestle, by exploring new and exciting avenues of work.

+44 7772 886872


Ark is a buoyant waterproof grab bag to help people save their most valuable possessions in the event of a flood. Over 5 million people across the UK live in high flood risk areas and with an increase in frequency and severity, flooding is becoming a major problem for more and more people. Flood defences and insurance costs for these people can be very high and there are few alternatives on the market. The loss of sentimental items such as war medals and jewellery cause flood victims the most distress, so Ark was designed to combat this.

The bag includes a specifically designed head torch, whistle, power bank and first aid kit to aid people through a flood, plenty of room for personal items & buoyancy features to take the weight of these items on the water. This ensures that no matter your size or strength, you can take your valuables with you. The bag can be dragged through the water or worn as a backpack, with enough room on the front panel to be leant on if injured or to carry your pets if needed.


Ease Naturals is a brand developed to make the emerging market of CBD more appealing to the over 65’s category and to fight the stigma surrounding the product. Cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant meaning that it does not get you high. It is proven to help relieve pain and reduce depression and anxiety by stimulating the cannabinoids receptors in your brain, helping your body to deal with these things more easily.

The CBD market is currently growing at a rate of double digits, with the market expected to be worth just short of £1B by 2025. However, due to there being very little regulation of this market, mislabelling and many false claims made by illegitimate CBD brands, consumer trust in the natural product is low.

Ease looked to tackle this by creating a clean, high-end brand which communicated with the consumers, educating them about the science and creating a community for people to discuss their best practices. The range includes an oil and a face scrub and is delivered to your door as a monthly subscription.

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