John Whitfield

I am a hard-working, passionate designer who relishes challenges of all kinds. I constantly look for inspiration and opportunities to develop my existing range of skills.

Finding the balance between smart innovation, form and function, whilst solving real world issues, has been an important influence in shaping my final year projects: ‘Noma-Bed’, and ‘cleear’.

I gained invaluable industry experience working for Confetti Constellations during my placement year. I particularly enjoyed developing my CAD skills having found a passion for this since beginning university. I am now eager to take the next step in my design journey.

+44 7557 381130


1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from hay fever, most commonly young adults, with a third of these sufferers having to change their lifestyles as a result. ‘cleear’ has been designed to address this.
‘cleear’ is an app-based subscription service that delivers a range of hay fever products. Through effective communication, it improves management and knowledge of the condition whilst regulating frequency of purchase.

The subscription package is made up of nasal spray, eye drops and tablets. The treatment of hay fever has been given a fresh new approach with a modern, minimalist aesthetic and innovative features.

The supporting app, available on all platforms, allows consumers to create and manage their own personalised treatment plan putting them in control of their subscription preferences, with delivery every 28 days. This ensures that products are received by the consumer as the contents of their previous subscription is expiring and/or running out, therefore economizing on waste and cost.
The app also improves knowledge by providing allergy specific insights and self-help features, such as local pollen counts and medication reminders.


An increasing number of young people have to frequently relocate due to the availability of work, access to education, rapidly changing cities and a reliance on the rental market, as a result of declining home ownership rates. These people are often referred to as nomads – someone who moves from once place to another rather than living in one set location.
Noma-Bed, designed for the young professional living a nomadic lifestyle, is a lightweight, modular, easily transportable bed base unit. It eases the process of relocation and gives more flexibility, as it follows the nomadic characteristic of travelling light and having a minimalist mindset.
Made from bamboo boards, with a hexagonal cardboard hollow core, the panels provide a lightweight yet high tensile strength product. The panels can be strapped together when relocating, and assembled or disassembled in approximately 5 minutes. The legs fit within the panels during transit, to save space, therefore simplifying the relocation process.
Designed with sustainability in mind, the modular nature of this product helps the consumer adapt to changes in their accommodation requirements. However unlike some of the market leaders in flat pack furniture design, the Noma-Bed is designed to last a lifetime.

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