Joshua Stewart

I am a considerate creative, with an interest in culture. I have a desire to make products that serve a purpose and I seek to provide new perspectives and experience in life.


Bloom is a portable lantern commissioned for a forest hideaway retreat, made by Where Next Design. The design utilises wood turning blank from trees that have been removed for thinning purposes. Often these trees are not adequate for planks, so utilising them for blanks is a much more practical way to increase the value of the discarded wood. Bloom invites the user to explore the evening forest landscape, connected the user with the forest both through the designs aesthetic and function.


Headspace is a private booth with a spinning screen which provides varied degrees of solitude and privacy in a public space. The design grew out of research into both work and rest. Our working culture is fatigued, and this negatively affects our ability to use our higher cognitive function. I sought to address the issue with a booth that provided facilities for deliberate solitude to work, which can enhance productivity, and a private function to rejuvenate and recharge in a public space. Headspace can belong in anywhere from an Airport lounge, an Office, a University, or a Library.

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