Josie Evans

As a highly-motivated, multi disciplinary designer I focus on designing meaningful product and brand experiences with user-centered innovation. My approach is empathic design, tacking complex issues with the aim to make a real-world impact. This design thinking informed my projects this year, exploring the important topics of noise pollution and autism.

Working with L’Oréal UK’s retail design team was an enriching experience, exposing me to many areas within the industry. I was also fortunate to work with the product innovation consultancy, Matter.

I am a diligent designer keen to join the creative industry and make a real difference.

+44 7772 265223


Hushies addresses the complex issue of noise pollution in cities for the most susceptible individuals, babies and toddlers who are still developing their auditory functions. Exposure to excessive noise in urban environments is not only damaging to their hearing, but their wellbeing and cognitive development too.

Hushies is an integrated noise-protecting headband for babies and toddlers. Hybrid active noise cancelling effectively reduces harmful noises by up to 20dB, whilst allowing meaningful sounds and voices to filter through. A product fit for metropolitan families who wish to enhance their little one’s happy and healthy development and protect their hearing during the first 1000 days of life and beyond.

Compact speakers sit within a soft and comfortable Hushiband headband. The headband is available in two natural and organic materials to suit all seasons. A curated colour range and four bespoke patterns collections were designed to reflect the product purpose and environments used. With the variety of prints the Hushiband sub brand supplements the overall personalised product experience. Hushies also comes with an intuitive and tailored app that allows parents to stay informed on real-time noise levels, based on the Decibel Scale, as well as customise the noise cancellation levels to suit any situation. The app also includes a library of sound masking noises that can help calm little one’s and encourage sleep.

Peace and quiet in a noisy world.


98% of autistic adults say that stress is a significant issue for them and many often deal with sensory processing difficulties. Many autistic adults experience meltdowns which cause their senses go into overdrive and they feel they cannot cope with their situation. These meltdowns are often hard to predict and prevent as most often feel unaware of their state. Ease is a stress tracker designed to prevent autistic adults from reaching the point of a meltdown through tracking cortisol levels and gently alerting the user when they stress levels are high. A carer or companion can wear a secondary device that is alerted simultaneously to the user’s tracker so that they can be fully informed of the individuals state and support them with their personal calming techniques. Ease aims to be an intervention for those who suffer with meltdowns, offering enhanced support to those who need it most and ultimately, Ease was designed to build independence during adulthood.

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