Karum Sandhu

With a particular passion for user-centred and environmentally-conscious design, I strive to utilise my creativity to create positive social change and help improve the world.

I experienced a method through which this could be achieved in the form of my Major Project, which explored the topic of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The experience I gained from the project was absolutely invaluable, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with people who suffer from the condition and medical professionals in Rheumatology to ultimately create a truly valuable, helpful product.


FLUID MOTION is an ergonomic knife set and block designed to reduce strain on the hand and wrist when preparing food for sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis and also remove the ‘medical product’ stigma.

RA sufferers experience severe strain on the joints in the hand and wrist, which can make daily activities difficult to complete. Preparing food was identified as the activity which RA sufferers experienced the most difficulty with, and the design of standard knives caused additional strain on the joints.

Shaped by invaluable feedback from RA sufferers and medical professionals, the FLUID MOTION Silicone Rubber knife handles have been carefully designed to ensure minimum strain on the joints and maximum comfort. The utility, chef's and serrated/bread knife provide an array of options to prepare a plethora of foods, with bespoke Stainless-Steel blades designed specifically for the handles to make preparing food as strain-free as possible. The knives are accompanied by a bespoke Beech wood knife block tailored to the knives to minimise strain on the hand and wrist.

The sleek knives are complimented by the Beech wood knife block, forming a fluid, uniform and truly unique overall product which achieves the aim of removing the ‘medical product’ stigma.


FLOW is a relaxation tool centred around the element of water, designed to bring nature into the home.

With a large percentage of the global population now living in large cities, connection with the natural world has been severely reduced. Within this break-down, the act of relaxation, has been lost.

Therefore, the main aims of the project were to help the user recognise the importance of relaxation, and thus, reconnect with nature.

The element of water was chosen as the method to achieve the project aims after in-depth research showed that water has particularly relaxing effects due to its fluidity. Water was also used to help ensure a sense of distinction from existing products. Research highlighted that many products were ‘greening’-related (e.g. plant pots), and that utilising the element of water could help differentiate the product from others.

FLOW works in a similar way to an egg-timer: the water is contained within the top/bottom capsule; once turned, the water is slowly released via a funnel; the water, drop-by-drop, then gradually flows down each of the three levels, or ‘pebbles’; once all the water has flowed to the bottom, the user can then rotate the product to restart another flowing process.

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