Krustoph McGuire

I am a passionate and motivated designer, driven by green initiatives and sustainable decisions throughout my design process. Focussed on user centred design, striving for greater resource efficiency, product longevity and enhancing user experiences. Past generations of designers have played an integral role in the environmental, resourcing and other global crisis's we all face today. I am part of the collective of next generation designers and believe it’s our profound responsibility to design a more sustainable future. This belief drove all of my final year projects exploring topics such as consumerism in relation to consumerism, and utilisation of mass waste destined for the landfill.

I have a wealth of experience across numerous industry standard software’s, with an especially creative flare for sketch development for engaging communication of design. I am always looking for new challenges, opportunities to innovate and to learn and develop new and existing skills.

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Bar waste – Where utilisation of waste glass meets material innovation and lighting. Enhancing the bar experience by means of this high-end bar table, designed and made with a greener approach.

Standing tall, the Barlumi table takes an everyday bar visit and elevates it to a new experience with a sustainable narrative. Social media in the present-day time is a digital platform increasing numbers use to express and share our personality and experiences with others. with its high-end finish and illuminated panel particularly marketed at young professionals, Barlumi is inclusive of all bar users and elevates the experience by providing lighting to illuminate cocktails, beverages surrounded by intricate terrazzo surfacing; providing enhanced photo content for the consumers social media.

Aside from capturing the moment, the high-quality terrazzo surfacing exploits the colourful and ceramic properties of waste bar glass; with material innovation not stopping there. Moreover, on the sustainable narrative the bespoke cast surfaces use a shelling technique (to use less of the acrylic modified resource jesmonite); and infill with a durable concrete using additional waste rubble (from construction sites).

Delivering comfort to the consumer from the height, footrest and other features ensuring belongings are securely hung and easily accessible; this user experience driven table can be seen in high end brasseries and cocktail bars with a variety of colours and finishes available to tailor to the bar’s unique aesthetic.

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