Lauren Moate

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who is able to find innovative solutions to real world problems. Receiving an extended diploma in electrical engineering, degree in product design and completing a year in industry has enabled me learn a variety of skills which will be beneficial throughout my career.

An internship as a ‘Design & Marketing Intern’ at Modus Furniture enabled me to learn new skills and become confident in working in a fast-pace environment. I am ambitious to secure a job within the design industry which will enable me to further my education and encourage me to continuously develop as a designer.

Lunar Light

The Lunar light been developed with a considered focus on user interaction, form and diffracting a light source.

A WGSN report suggests a 2020 trend as dispersing light through acrylic or glass. In response, the Lunar Light incorporates an LED strip which deflects light through the removable, acrylic slats. The designer compiled the results of a survey which suggested 90% of consumers would purchase a lamp they could build themselves, with 95% stating that craft/building a product can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, the Lunar Light arrives unassembled thus, promoting user interaction.

A survey carried out by the designer suggested 80% of consumers are interested in a lamp where you can customise the materials. Therefore, the slats come in a variety of materials including acrylic, wood and metal so that the user can alter the aesthetic to suit their interior. The LED is controlled via an app, enabling the user to manipulate the colour, pattern and brightness.

This product uses a variety of contrasting materials including mahogany, stained ply, translucent acrylic and brushed brass rods. As the user can customise the slats, this enables the product to be versatile and suit a variety of interiors.

Perry Green

Perry Green has created an alfresco range, incorporating an easy-to-clean, all-in-one set alongside an efficient delivery service. The range includes a flat-pack barbecue, knife, tongs and a coal bag which all fit into a compact carry case. To minimise the time spent on cleaning the set, both the carry case and coal bag can be put in the washing machine. The flat-pack frame is easy to assemble with just 4x panels slotting into 4x sliders. The frame incorporates cooking trays which allows the user to cook meat and vegetables separately, with the trays incorporating extended tabs so they hover above the floor as a serving tray. Another key element is the quick release coal net, by releasing the coals the frame can cool down quickly thus, reducing the amount of time to pack away. An issue with the after-math of barbecues is the user being unsure of where to dispose of the hot coals. However, with this set you can release the coals onto the coal bag, secure the fastenings, transport home and once cold, dispose of. Perry Green aims to be efficient, affordable and sustainable.

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