Louis Spurgin

I am originally from a small town named Broadstairs in the Southeast county of Kent, known for it’s extensive countryside and farming. This led me to explore the world and in doing so I gained a great interest in design and initialising new products. This high motivation has allowed me to push the boundaries of design.

I’m a devoted student with a hands-on enthusiasm approach to overcome design problems. Lead by an open minded attitude, allowing me to explore multiple design solution pathways to conclude with the most efficient outcomes. My passion for the latest trainers and streetwear entices me to pick up the latest designs.

I am hoping to further my design career with a great team of influencers of modern design.

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Major - Module Tracker

Module Tracker, a product tailored towards athletes that aids the advanced navigation throughout the duration of the sporting event whilst be able to monitor the vitals of the athlete.

Athletes and passionate sports enthusiasts have a difficult time to easily navigate some terrain, especially open water swimmers and long distance cyclists or runners. "I wanted to develop a product that catered for these types of people where they might feel as if they needed to rely on extra devices or knowledge to help them navigate and prevent them getting lost."

“As a swimmer I always found myself drifting in the open water to the point where I aerial film recorded myself and to my surprise noticed swerves in my course of movement from the footage and GPS tracking from a smartwatch.” He later found out he was not the only one experiencing this. By starting with swimming, the device found other uses across a number of sports.

Featuring a modular core device, housing the basic electronic appliances, used to manually attach to separate equipment depending on the sport at hand. When attached, each different piece of equipment houses individual sensors, vital monitors and equipment mounts required for the unique sport to ensure the Module Tracker can assist the user to the highest potential.

Module Tracker merges the gap between having an independent sporting experience and having the real-time, coaching guidance that side-line sports offer by providing live feedback for the user. Also with the option to quickly swap between multi-discipline sport equipment, such as triathlon, using the fast release clip.

Minor - Gnomon

Gnomon bridges the gap between what is manmade in this world, and what is natural. It serves as a lighting solution which doubles up in the form of a timepiece.

"Gnomon," the part of a sundial that casts the shadow, allows the user to bring the atmosphere of the outside world into your living space by illuminating the same action the sun would do when placed on a wall.

Living in the city for most people, find themselves trapped indoors, shying away and not appreciating nature in its raw form." I wanted to create a product that creates the feeling of the user emerging themselves into nature while supplying the consumer with sufficient lighting when indoors."

Featuring a mechanical pivoting arm that houses a LED which when rotating around the gnomon sundial structure casts a shadow onto the correct time digits behind. When the user turns off the LED the product can still function as a clock with the addition of the outer ring digit pointer which corresponds to the correct time.

In this very technology driven world we live in, simple things in life are taken for granted. Most users these days would use their phone for the time. The designer wanted to adapt this so people revert back to being more conscious about time, the indefinite continued process of existence, and the importance of living in the moment. This product allows consumers to appreciate each second.

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