Luke Foster

I am a contemporary designer in execution, while my approach is multi-disciplined. My philosophy is to make functional products, while encouraging user interpretation, and curiosity - I believe this is how we encourage meaningful connections with design. From working at Craighill, Instrmnt, and Forpeople, I have learnt to place great emphasis on articulating acute details in my products, with an awareness for their presence in a real life environment. I’m eager to continue developing these skills, as I still regard myself as a student of design. I’m passionate, and continue to apply myself with every opportunity.

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Solo diners want to save time cooking and washing up, so their beginning to use their utensils adaptively; one utensil, for multiple purposes. Plural capitalises on this behaviour, with a set of contemporary kitchen tools, appropriate for the pan, and the plate.

In utilising Nylon plastic for the products, they can be used to cook with, and eat with, while eliminating concern for harmful BPA’s. The products manage these phases with a sensitive outlook on heat displacement. The head of the products are elevated when laid on the countertop, to release heat quickly after cooking. This cools the product for the eating phase.

With It’s low front volume, the Plural Fork makes It easy to scoop beneath any food items in the pan. The single prong allows for great precision when pushing into foods, while not hindering its ability to flip an egg, or pancake. The Plural Spoon offers a raised back likened to a ladle, which acts as support when plating large amounts of food, while the shallow front lip is appropriate to sit comfortably in the mouth.

These elegant items abstain from becoming categorised with the gimmicky adaptive utensils of the past. Instead, they exemplify that multifunctional tools and utensils have a real world benefit.

The Commuter Bags

A family of bags articulated for the cycling commuter, with emphasis on accessibility, & additional space. Designed for multi-disciplinary design studio Instrmnt.

It was identified that the cycling bag market largely accounts for the pro commuter, resulting in visually technically products. The market offers limited options for the casual, but contemporary commuter - identifying a logical gap in the market for Instrmnt to capitalise on.
Inspired by the cycling musette in shape, this bag offers a vertical zip across on the front panel, to store valuables. By limiting the bag to one dominant strap, it can be easily moved around the body to facilitate the retrieval of the users items. The YKK Aquaguard zips ensures the bag is fully waterproof, while the entirely sustainable Bananatex material sports a waterproof beeswax surface. Inside, is space for a 13” laptop, and popular Kryptonite D-lock mini - both protected by Merino wool inserts.

The (part 2) bag manages additional space well. The pack offers a pocket for the (part 1) to slide into, using a hood system to protect it during the commute. While, it can also be worn independently. In utilising 70oz Ripstop the product is entirely waterproof, but importantly, lightweight for the rider. Both bags utilise two straps, a primary strap that bares the majority of the bags weight, and a secondary strap for stability.

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