Maizie Morgan

I am a designer with a passion for finding solutions to problems through design. Using creativity and innovation, I always strive to create products which aid those in need. The consumer research and prototyping aspect of the design process is a particular interest of mine and an area I hope to embark on in the future.


pootle PAL

'pootle PAL' is not just another children’s toy, it is a portable, all in one, fun, educational toy. It is a sustainable product that contains nature inspired toys inside, and activities on the outside panels and the extendable handle means that both children and adults can pull it along. This toy promotes creativity and skill building whilst allowing the child to take ownership of their discoveries of nature. The activities within the box are varied and appeal to the different senses whilst also providing challenges through problem solving games. pootle PAL includes a shape sorter and shapes, track maze, clock, spinning sound wheels, foam balls, stacker, hoop toss and a chalkboard. Also, a xylophone which they must build to be able to use, creating another game within itself. This product aids children through their important childhood years, enhancing their development of senses and whilst having fun.

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