Marlon Jacobs

I am a versatile designer, with a vibrant imagination. With a focus on creating products with a powerful statement to impact the social experience of the user with history and heritage through a combination of product design and art. I believe as a designer it is my responsibility to share my culture through design. This philosophy has been the core of my final year project which has explored African history, natural resources, and architecture.

I have invaluable experience working for FBC London, a high-end interior design company, working in a fast-paced environment. As a diligent and adventurous designer with a warming passion, I am always looking to the future to further immerse myself with new ideologies within the design industry.

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Major Project - Sahara XVI Console Table

Both projects focused on creating a statement piece of furniture and lighting utilizing subtle African inspiration via materials, textures, and architecture. For the project to be successful, the designer needed in-depth knowledge surrounding Africa’s natural resources, and an understanding of the correct way to translate this expression onto a furniture piece subtly whilst applying modern-day styles and trends.

The birth of Sahara, an elegant and versatile console table, adapted to complement any environment with a contemporary and traditional edge. The inspiration, reminiscent of the dried out and fissured deserts of Africa. The clean geometric lines of the brushed brass complement the smooth finish of the Sapele Base, bringing an expression of natural and organic strength. The elegant Sapele legs provide a strong contrast to the brushed brass Rail and ensure a light, yet strong and elegant appearance.

Minor Project - Dashiki Pendant Light

The project stemmed from my Afro-Caribbean heritage and passion for the African culture. This was infused with a placement experience that sparked a passion for lighting and furniture.

The ‘Dashiki’ Pendant Light focuses on the creation of African culture, bringing a powerful experience and conversation into a consumer's very own home, providing historical etchings from Western African societies being reflected subtly onto the consumer's walls and ceilings, conveying a story of Western African culture. With materials sourced from a variety of countries within Africa depicting a powerful message on Fairtrade of the natural resources and ethics in Africa.

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