Mert Bukulmez

I am an aspiring and creative product designer dedicated to create for human to assist and make their lives comfortable, healthy and joyful. I have a strong passion for design and can combine set of industrial design skills coupled with an exceptional sense of aesthetics, material knowledge and manufacturing techniques. I am always ambitious to develop my skills in every opportunity that I get. My philosophy is to design functional products, while inspiring people to enjoy their lives. I believe good design can be a reason for each of us to get better taste from our lives. Winning four design awards with four entries at A’ Design 2020 was a great accomplishment for me and looking forward to create more to continue that trend.

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BLOOM / Succulent Dedicated Grow Box

Bloom is an award-winning succulent dedicated grow box that acts as a stylish home furniture. It provides perfect growing conditions for succulents. The main aim is to fill the desire and nurture for whom living in urban areas with less green environment access while providing a joyful experience. Urban life comes with many challenges in daily life. That leads people to ignore their nature. Bloom aims to be the bridge between consumers and their natural desires.

Succulents has wide variety of plant types with different shapes and colours that allows unlimited combinations for decoration and also they can be an escape route for our daily lives while offering mental and physical benefits.

Bloom can be operated over the mobile application. The product itself is not automated, mobile app aims to assist the consumer. App support will notify users to take action with their plants which allows them to nurture and care for their plants.

The seeds will be bought online over the app and delivered home. They will come with biodegradable peat pots and appropriate soil which can be easily placed at the slots inside the inner growing section that provides perfect growing conditions. When the baby succulents are grown enough the app will notify user to replace them to opened growing section. The biodegradable pots can be easily placed inside the soil with the plants. Eventually the roots will grow enough to break the pot and in 2-3 months the pieces will turn in to food source for both soil and plants. This process eliminates root disturbance and the possible transplant shock.
The ceramic bottom of the product has the water depot inside. The watering system will not be automated but will be activated over the app by the users to take care of their plants even when they are away from home.
Bloom has won Silver A’ Design Award in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Desing Category, 2019-2020. (

HOOME / Communication and Entertainment System for Elderly

“The new normal” has been the sentence that humanity heard the most for the last couple of months. Since the new phenomenon coronavirus came in to our lives, a lot have been changed. Senior citizens are considered as the most vulnerable group during the pandemic conditions. Lack of communication and loneliness is very hard to overcome for people but mostly for elderly as they are most likely to stay isolated all over the world, and they are already one of the groups that need communication the most.

Hoome aims to provide simple and joyful solution for elderly users as they are not familiar with the current existing technologies. Main aim is to tackle socialization and communication issues during epidemic conditions. Also, senior citizens being the group most likely to have health problems the device aims to allow family members, doctors and the user to track health conditions and medicine schedule. Design language aims to be simple and descriptive as possible to elderly to be comfortably use the product while tracking health, staying connected with loved ones, providing a joyful experience and also motivating them to stay at home.

Hoome combines three main physical design elements coupled with interface design. The product will be used by the elderly but the family members and doctors will have access to product to track health and to be able to communicate with elderly when it is needed.

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