Mikey Stevenson

I am a concept-led designer with a focus on usability and storytelling. I hold the user at the centre of my process to design a better experience for everybody, everywhere. I am committed and engaged in all parts of the design process from initial concepts to developing a viable product, with a purpose.

I gained valuable skills and developed through my work during my placement year at Teams Design, Hamburg and Kurz Kurz Design, Solingen.



GrooveKast is a musical composition tool aimed at beginners to intermediates of electronic music creation. The product implements simplistic controls with a modest layout to inspire creativity. Modern electronic music instruments can be daunting and difficult to grasp straightaway. Another issue may be the aesthetic value which can be lost due to its their complex functions. Many modern consumers are driven by instant gratification of a product, and this can simulate simplicity and enjoyable while creating meaningful compositions instantly.

Noticing the trends of entry-level electronic instruments, the cult following for some products is strong. These products are often inexpensive to make, and modern music brands are noticing this by creating fun, enjoyable and possibly inspiring instruments. Some of these products aren’t targeting everybody, however, and GrooveKast strives to make music even more accessible and intuitive to even a novice.

Using inexpensive materials, the product also uses off-the-shelf components to make the product affordable to everyone. Price is an important factor to those wanting to explore electronic music creation. This product utilises these components so a consumer can enjoy a product usually exclusive to the committed.

Tea Up

Tea Up is a compact tea product aimed at the nomadic individual in urban living spaces. The product focuses on creating a consistent cup of loose tea for use in the home. There is a need for modern products to be adaptable and energy efficient. Quality of tea is important to many people, but their lives are much different now compared to what previous products have designed for.

Using induction heating for boiling the water, no water or energy is wasted and with added temperature control you can choose the right temperature for your tea. It incorporates a scale to get the right amount of leaves for the amount of water in your cup and a timer to allow you to steep for the correct time. Another addition is a drip tray for your tea infuser to create a cleaner process.

Ultimately, the focus of the product is the steeping of loose-leaf tea, and the quality and precision of the product allows the consumer to maintain a consistent cup in a less demanding way.

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