Olivia Kennington

I am a highly motivated designer, driven by creating innovative solutions to human-centred problems through the exploratory process of design, to create meaningful products. Within both my major and minor projects, I enjoyed exploring design that targeted behaviour change.
My placement experience at V2 Studios and Vitamin have provided me with an insight to the fast-paced design industry. This experience increased my ambition to contribute positively toward wider problems and the bigger picture, with purposeful design being the tool to do this.
My ambition is to contribute positively towards solving real-world problems with purposeful designs.

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Inura Smart Hob

Malnutrition is estimated to affect over 3 million people in the UK. The cost of malnutrition in England is estimated to be £19.6 billion per year. This is set to continue increasing with an ageing population. By targeting individuals before they reach their senior years, this stands them in good stead to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.
Inura is a smart hob with integrated weighing scales, developed to re-inspire cooking and allow the exploration of new dishes and cuisines. It facilitates the purchasing of food, recommending new foods to try while guiding the user through the cooking process and allowing nutritional tracking of foods cooked and eaten.
The integrated scales allow the ingredients to be directly and precisely measured. The hob’s induction power is controlled by a two-touch process, making it quick and simple to use. Flexible cooking zones mean that it does not matter what size pans are used or where they are placed on the hob.
Inura helps users to explore food and build understanding towards health and nutrition. Streamlining the process of ‘shop to pan to plate’, makes all parts of this process accessible.

Detach Charging Lamp

65% of people sleep with their phones next to their bed. Consequently, this leads to an interrupted and inadequate night’s sleep. There is a strong relationship between poor quality sleep and stress.
Detach is an innovative lamp that aims to create a shift in behaviour, to putting a phone away as part of a bedtime ritual, similar to removing make-up or brushing teeth. The primary focus is to create a conscious behaviour change towards phone usage within the bedroom.
By sliding the lid, the user can place their phone within the easy to access compartment of the lamp, intentionally removing the distraction to look at their phone.
The wireless charging capabilities of the lamp ensues that users put their phone down for charging to begin. The control points of the lamp use capacitive and resistive force sensor technology enabling touch sensor control of the lamp through the circular orb. This facilitates easy interaction from the bed.
Detach is not just a lamp. It has been designed to persuade individuals to take part in a bedtime routine, where the phone’s role becomes devoid. Out of sight is out of mind!

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