Rem Cudd

As a multi-disciplinary designer my ethos is to create meaningful designs to help impact issues in our social climate. This is shown in my final year projects both exploring viable solutions to help with parents traveling struggles and sustainability in the cookware market.

I have had a diverse education in design by studying product design at NTU and Hanbat University in South Korea, where I learnt UX design a long with advanced CAD. I am always looking to further my knowledge and enjoy utilising the skills of others to create the best possible solution for the problem at hand.

+44 7931 157405

Crooked Kitchenware

This is the crooked kitchenware brand designed to help with the issue of cookware waste created by students. Each products has been carefully selected, less products to create simple recipes. The pack has a particular emphasis on sustainability, with the materials used and the process designed to help de-construct the products for recycling and refurbishment. Crooked Kitchenware is committed to creating a affordable sustainable circular economy in the cookware market.

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