Roxana Malfavón García

I am from Mexico City but I moved to the UK to study Product Design. I strongly believe that product design can make a big change in people’s lives and that change must be positive and encouraging. I love to travel, and I get inspired from them. I think that different cultures and backgrounds can give us a bigger picture of the world’s problems.
I am a multi-disciplinary designer with big passion to learn and explore. I have had amazing opportunities, that were design and non-design related. All of them in different countries and cities, with big and small brands and companies. This has given me the skills of team working and team leading. Working under pressure and learned to work in different time zones together with people from around the globe.

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Lagom - Sustainable Online Shopping

Lagom has been created for this exact purpose. To give the chance to sustainable brands and company to come together in one website, where people can browse and purchase any eco-friendly and sustainable type of product they may want. Additionally, this brand provides tips for a more sustainably lifestyle, reviews from eco-friendly products and brands. As well, gives new brand’s a space to be introduce and people can learn more about them.
The idea of Lagom is to provide eco-friendly products with sustainable services. From the very beginning of manufacturing with organic or recycled raw materials. All the way to sustainable delivery and packaging. Including in the process a fair-trade system with suppliers and employees. As well as using renewable energy for warehouses and offices.
Lagom is intended to be a global online brand, where people can learn from each other and have a space where they can find everything, they need to have a better lifestyle. Without guilt of shopping, instead rewarding. Lagom is not only planning to push the circular economy. Is also looking to support and help charities that are tackling various world problems, like cleaning oceans, getting read off ocean plastic, combat deforestation, between many others.

Ansä – Arm band.

Ansä presents a quick and easy solution to customers in order to feel comfortable and safe.
A wearbale arm band for solo travellers.
Made of eco-friendly fabric called “Sonora Fiber”. Which is a plant-based fabric that can be used in any type of clothing or wearable product. Does not matter the weather or the activity still feels comfortable. It also is a resistant and strong for long lasting performances. As well, is breathable material, light weight and dries quickly.
This product has been designed to be almost invisible and wearable. This way, people can do any kind of indoor or outdoor activity without worrying about their personal belongings.

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