Ryan Crosbie

I am a user-centered designer with an aspiration to create functional solutions that improve consumer experiences through design. The concept of improving lives through design motivates me to achieve the best of my ability. I have worked on a variety of live project briefs which have explored a variety of issues and topics.

I’m excited about the prospect of starting a career within the design industry. As a hard-working and motivated designer, this is something which has continuously driven me to learn and develop new design skills and abilities.

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Senior users cook more regularly than any other age group. Those over the age of 65 are most vulnerable to accidents suffering both the highest mortality rate and severe injuries. Cuts and lacerations are among the most common forms of injury.

Through exploration of multiple user journeys, it was identified that the kitchen environment offers a clear opportunity area to prevent cutting accidents when preparing and cooking food. Senior users may also suffer from a number of physical issues as a result of natural biological impacts of ageing. This includes their strength, dexterity and vision all of which are critical when using a sharp blade.

‘Chop’ is a kitchenware product designed with user safety in mind. The product focuses on protecting the users hands and fingers from a knife blade through a chopping board. The board consists of two easy to grip holdalls which stabilize food to be cut and allow for a safe, comfortable hold with an easy to use visual chopping guide. Depending on the food being cut, the grip holdalls can be adjusted through the simple sliding magnetic strip in a smooth, simple, adjustable motion.

Compact Cookware

“Micro” living is a trend which is set to massively increase within the future. By 2050 the population is set to reach 10 billion and 67% of the entire population is expected to be living within city locations. The current “Micro” living market is dominated by young single professionals who are happy to forgo floor space attracted to prime city centre locations.

Through exploration of the existing market and detailed user journeys I was able to identify a clear problem area within this environment, the kitchen. Users consistently noted a fundamental lack of space which coincided with minimal and limited storage. Cookware was highlighted as the most challenging product to store due to it’s large, bulky nature.

‘Compact Cookware’ is a cookware set that looks to create a minimal, compact and easy to store solution that contains the most essential yet minimal quantity of cookware products. The set consists of a saucepan, frying pan, colander, lid, spatula and spoon. Extensive analysis highlighted these items as the most consistent and necessary products required to cook a simple yet wholesome nutritious meal.

The unique design enables the user to stack all of their kitchen essentials together within a minimal area reducing clutter, improving organisation and creating a clearer, healthier environment for their reduced living spaces.

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