Sam Boyle

I am a designer passionate about creating products to help and aid users in their daily life. I look to incorporate function and sustainable trends into my ideas to create viable and long lasting designs, whilst being drawn to more minimal and simple aesthetics.

My furniture design placement at Spiral, gave me invaluable experience working in a fast pace environment which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am always looking to the future, excited to experience and get involved with different areas of the design industry. I want to experience these different paths to allow myself to grow and become a better designer.


‘Reform’, is a brand looking at upcycling car tyres and giving them a second life. The bench uses worn tyre-tread sections, to create functional levels for consumers to use throughout their day to day living.

3 billion tyres are produced across the globe each year, which are used by the 1.4 billion vehicles on the roads. From these vehicles, 1.5 billion tyres are left worn out and unusable by the end of each year. This proves positive for ‘Reform’ as it was discovered that garages happily give away worn out tyres for free. Thus, benefiting them by eliminating any recycling costs, and benefiting Reform by having access to free materials.

The middle shelf, made from tyre tread, provides a functional storage space for the users belongings, whilst enabling easy access via the exposed section. This space can also double up as a seating area for smaller users, such as children. The lower area, made from stainless steel rods, provides storage space for a variety of different items, such as shoes or bags.
The project looks at creating a brand that challenges consumers perceptions of upcycled products. Reform, has proven that you can create attractive designs whilst using old materials.


‘Strap’ is a camera accessory for the fashion-conscious user, that needs a product made from high quality materials with functionality still being a high priority.

Bridging the gap between fashionable camera accessories and expensive functional camera accessories, the strap allows users to further their creative capabilities and capture shots they may have missed before.

Components have carefully been designed and chosen to obtain the perfect balance between form and function, so there are no compromises. The sports clasps allow for a quick release system so the user can detach the strap when the camera body is tripod mounted, ensuring the user is left tangle free.

The combination of paracord and nylon webbing, allows the camera to slide around the users’ body very easily, even up to eye height to capture that all important moment.

‘Strap’ enables the user to convert it into a more manageable wrist strap, thanks to the simple yet effective anchor point. The strap folds in on its self and wraps around the anchor point where the paracord is held in place.

These features are not only aesthetically pleasing for the fashion-conscious consumer, but make for an extremely versatile design, that can adapt to varying user needs, letting nothing stand in the way of creativity.

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