Sam Dennet

I am a practical and hands-on designer with a focus on physical prototyping to create innovative products. I am driven to solve real world problems and enhance user experiences through sensitive design.


Lüma Lamp

The Lüma Lamp is a floor lamp designed for Generation rent, a group of people who move more than once a year with the need for low-cost furnishings that can be easily transported. The Lüma lamp is designed to be flat-pack while also offering a sculptural lighting solution that creates a cosy and inviting environment within a rented accommodation.

The Commuter Saddlebag

The commuter saddlebag was designed for those who Travel to work by bike and wish to be free of the problems that come with a conventional backpack or sideloaded Panniers. This seat post bag can carry all the essential items for work travel while increasing user safety and remaining waterproof during the ride. Featuring hidden shoulder straps on the underside of the bag and an easy load pocket on the front for a streamlined commute.

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