Sam Jones

I am a young designer with a passion for simple, yet beautiful details. My experience so far has covered multiple disciplines with each one helping to shape me as a designer. My thirst for design is fuelled by the opportunity to create attractive products that help to enhance people’s lives.

I spent over a year working for Light Bureau, a multi-award-winning Lighting Design Consultancy based in London. This experience taught me that beautiful design requires all elements on a project to work seamlessly together. I also learned that being meticulous is an essential skill for any designer to possess.

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Side 1 by LERA

22 million small items of furniture are discarded every year in the UK. This can be linked to the throwaway attitude many people have towards cheap flat-packed furniture.

Crafted from high quality, durable maple and leather, Side 1 by LERA aims to last far longer than flat-pack alternatives. Its neutral, handcrafted aesthetic and the variety of storage options make it versatile, suiting many interior design styles and extending the potential uses of the product.

Every element serves a purpose and aims to form an attractive detail. The base shelf adds rigidity to the legs and provides storage for larger items. The slung leather shelf above it provides an area for books and magazines. A multiplug can be discreetly fixed between the back legs which should help to keep cables tidy. The handle of the drawer follows the curve of the leather shelf and is large enough for any hand to use.

Although Side 1 retails at a higher price than flat-packed alternatives, it is still well within the price range of most people. In fact, a customer can expect to make substantial financial and environmental savings over their lifetime by not wanting to replace it.

Bruma Lighting

Currently, many people use poor quality, solar-powered garden lights that have a harsh, uneven effect. Professional products, although far superior are usually too big, too powerful, and can be very expensive. Smaller professional products are often mounted on spikes which can be knocked over and have exposed cables that could be damaged.

Bruma Lighting was a collaboration with Lighting Design Consultancy, Light Bureau, to provide a comprehensive lighting solution for Lighting Consultants and Landscape Architects to use on high end homes, hotels and public gardens. The range includes; an adjustable spotlight to highlight details such as statues and specimen bushes, a soft light to provide a warm glow making a space feel cosy, path lights to line the sides of walkways, short adjustable uplights to illuminate the trunks and foliage of trees to create features within an area. These products are designed to blend in during the day, but in the evening create a tranquil paradise.

The products are ground recessed to provide stability, prevent the cables from being damaged and come in a series of standard and custom finishes.

The lights turn on automatically at dusk or can be controlled with a phone.

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