Saskia Iprenburg

I am a designer with a passion to create new ideas, I think outside of the box but also in a logical way. I am always keen to push my own knowledge further and use information and skills that I learn along the way to enhance my design abilities and influence the way I approach new tasks. I am a hard-working individual who is enthusiastic to gain experience and push myself to always improve.


The current issue of the throwaway society needs to be improved, creating a product that minimises the need to replace items as often due to trends and tastes encourages a circular lifecycle of a product. The development of this project resulted in a commercial light that could be tailored to the user by the user with interchangeable features. This project is material driven rather than problem solving, it uses Reboard as it’s main material feature.


Making a sales pitch memorable is the key to gaining new clients. Leaving samples and giving a potential new client something to hold on to will encourage them to remember the company when it comes to making a decision. This project was to create an innovative promotional sampling solution for Print&Displays Ltd. The design needed to communicate P&D’s current capabilities and product range with a view of increasing communication between the company and it’s current and potential new customers.

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