Sophie Sargood

A dynamic and thought provoking designer, inspired by the relationship between people and objects and the seamless connection that occurs when good design reflects this. Objects have a cultural and social value that I address, lending my design process to attain meaning and substance. My versatility for research, conceptual and brand oriented work with sensitivity towards trend drivers where required, are aspects I excel in. My design process follows a detailed yet concise format, with the intent for all decisions not to be left without meaning. This reflects in my approach and my outcomes, as I believe effectiveness is subtle.

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°Vessel is a concept compiled of a 3-part system that integrates: A revised dispensing system, a re-usable product and a scope for food.

On-the-go expectations derived from consumers is primarily due to the industry's use of materials and resources which introduced the possibility for an on-demand culture. As the future of snacking gravitates towards more health incorporated foods with sustainable brands being able to provide these, °Vessel offers a unique experience for the busy, on-the-go consumer. Reflecting the noticeable change in society’s attitudes towards food and their attainment. °Vessel is a fusion of inspiration derived from the works of design consultancy Space10 who consider the “meatballs shape and size as a canvas for future food scenarios” - Tomorrow’s Meatball. °Vessel takes the food form of a sphere to navigate a new menu for snacks whilst encompassing a design style that resembles clean line aesthetics, simple detail and sustainable materials. Aimed at forums that typically have high foot traffic: i.e. malls, gyms, universities, theatres, etc. °Vessel offers a unique experience for the busy, on-the-go user. Adhering to the nature of a quick fix: on-demand, on-the-go, 24/7.

Conversations Collection

‘Conversations Collection’ is a series of lifestyle products designed and developed to be a socially binding tool for the home, studio and store. A project curated for Nottingham based streetwear brand Mimm.

As coffee culture is one of the strongest forms of creating social interaction, research into this widely adopted social behaviour was the inspiration behind this project. Creating a set of drinking vessels and accessories that utilise specific design language and social representation aims to provoke this much-needed conversation, enriching everyone’s unique identity. The design was built to convey a thoughtful narrative which enhances relationships and binds people together through the powerful act of talking. The design is reduced to its simplest form with the use of gestures and visual cues, adhering to the needs of functionality in a balanced alliance. Bonding the essential elements: colour, material and process, the nature of the ceramic provides a meaningful connection between the product outcome and how it is used. Small and simple things connect us, Conversations Collection celebrates differences through unifying them, with a mission of “starting conversations that matter”.

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