Sophie Trainor

User-centred design and meaningful product experiences are central to my design philosophy. I am strongly committed to designing creative, functional products that are purposeful and meet the users needs. My work places emphasis on user experience and sustainability.
As a hard-working designer with a passion for user-centred design, I am eager to immerse myself in the design industry and to further my skills and education.


‘HERBA’ the indoor herb garden with a difference, allowing the user to grow, dry and store their own freshly grown herbs. ‘HERBA’, is designed to fit on your kitchen windowsill or worktop and is available in a range of colours to suit the user’s kitchen environment. Fresh supermarket herbs only last around 1-2 weeks. Household waste has become a big problem, with food waste making up a large proportion off this waste. One way to reduce waste is to dry your own herbs. Once you put your herbs on the mesh tray, they dry in an average of 4 days. Once these herbs have been dried, they will then last for up to 1 year. ‘HERBA’, is designed for people who live in an urban area who may not have access to garden space, who enjoy the outdoors and cooking fresh food. Bringing the outdoors in and allowing the user to have the freedom of growing herbs indoor. ‘HERBA’ gives the user the freedom to choose which herbs they would like to grow. Each user will have different preferences depending on the taste they enjoy and what food they like to cook

Glo Stack

‘Glo Stack’ is a bedside sculpture light, allowing the user to build and light up their own sculpture. The lit-up sculpture can then be used as either a bedside lamp or a night light, aiming to improve sleep through creating a relaxing wind down process by allowing the user to build a sculpture. It is recommended that you wind down for up to an hour before bed, in this period no technology devices are advised. Building a sculpture in the wind down hour before bed allows children to express themselves through art and sculpture building. ‘Glo Stack’ is a sculpture light for children aged 5-7 years old and improves sleep quality and sleep duration. Across the UK there is currently a mental health crisis, around 25,000 young people visit the hospital per year needing help with their mental health (losing it, 2020). ‘Glo stack’ tackles these problems head on and aims to improve stress and mental health issues amongst children, by improving sleep quality and duration.

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