Thomas Fagg

I am an innovative and enthusiastic product designer, with an interest in sustainability and problem solving. Attempting to improve user journeys on both a personal level and for a greater audience is something I strive towards whilst always considering how to minimise the impact of all areas of a project on our environment.
Having worked at Kast Concrete Basins, I was exposed to all areas of the design and manufacturing processes and was able to clearly see the importance of efficiency within a business and the great impact on sustainability it can have for that business both environmentally and economically.

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The Ada basin has been design in collaboration with Kast Concrete Basins as an inclusive wash basin desirable to all but with wheelchair users at the forefront of the design. It complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act to allow wheelchairs to fit underneath the basin without obstruction.
The basin has a chamfered front edge sloping into the bowl of the basin allowing users with upper body impairments to more comfortably rest their arms on the surface of the basin. There are two large vanity areas either side of the bowl providing space for bathroom commodities to be stored, with integrated runoff areas on each ‘wing’ of the basin to prevent water from pooling. There is space at the rear of the basin for deck mounted taps bringing the controls closer to the user and combined with the rear positioned waste hole, there will be no obstruction for the user’s legs under the basin.
Ada can be wall mounted at any height or it will be available to purchase with either a ‘standing’ or ‘sitting’ stand option. Both Ada and the concrete legs of the stand will be available in all 28 colours of Kast’s signature concrete range.

Ana Guard

Having suffered from an anaphylactic allergy to nuts my whole life, I have always had to carry an EAI device (Epinephrine Auto Injector) in case I have a reaction. Many of these devices are long and bulky, pen or phallus shaped products. There are difficult to carry as they don’t easily fit into a pocket so users have to bring a bag or in many cases leave the device at home, putting their lives at risk.
I endeavoured to redesign the EAI device so that it would be flatter and more compact, enabling it to be stored in a pocket alongside a phone or a wallet, hopefully encouraging sufferers to carry the device with them wherever they go.
ANA (anaphylaxis) Guard is designed to be easy to use for both the owner, or a member of the public whom may find an anaphylactic sufferer needing aid. It has a subtle ergo grip toward the top end of the device indicating the correct manner to hold the EAI and clear instructions on the side.
I hope that with further development of the internals of the device, it can be made to be even flatter eventually reaching the thickness of a phone.

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