Tian Figg

I am a determined, multi-skilled, open minded individual with a love of all things packaging and sustainability. I believe designers have a responsibility to create a more sustainable world, and this philosophy is the core of what I do.

I have spent my last 3 working at Everbloom Studios, alongside my full-time degree, where I have worked diligently to build myself to the position of Art Director. From this I have experience of project management, organisation, and creative design. I am conscientious and always ready to further my education and expand my skill set.

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Reef is a range of health and beauty products with innovative, sustainable packaging. The collection was designed to combat common issues with current beauty products, whilst being better for the environment. The packaging is recycled, recyclable, refillable and eco conscious.
The collection consists of five products across four different packaging formats. The brand takes inspiration from sea sponges and uses biomimicry to reduce packaging usage. This includes a lip moisturiser, deodorant stick, body wash bar, hair wash bar and cleanser “bottle” which includes an innovative pouch and exoskeleton.

The lip moisturiser is in a PCR tub with a textured lid and the deodorant stick is in a refillable PCR pack.

There are two bars in the collection which are far more environmentally friendly than liquid alternatives. This includes a body and a hair wash, the soap doubles as a moisturiser and has salt particulates to add scrubbiness, and the hair bar encourages consumers to minimise their water wastage and has easy to snap off sections of soap to help minimise common issues that come with solid formulations.

The “bottle” is made of a PCR exoskeleton and an inner plastic pouch. To refill the consumer simply must slot out the old pouch and replace it with a new one, cutting down plastic, reusing the packs and reducing the mess that comes with refills.

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